Ten Top things to do in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is considered one of the least known tourist destination in the world. It was because of lake of marketing, bad media coverage, lake of expertise and also living in the shadow of India and Myanmar .A lot of people think that, Bangladesh is a part of India and a province populated with Muslim people. Some think it was because once it was occupied by the Pakistanis, there may be conflicts like Pakistan. When we look at the early tourist arrival in Bangladesh, when our neighbors receiving million then, we are dealing some ten thousand tourist every year. So, we have decided to focus on our unique top products and show it to you. Here we are giving some of the Bangladeshi top thinks to see:

 Meet the most freindly people in the World !!!

faces of Bangladesh

Destination Bangladesh is simple and less interesting for people who never had chance to meet the most friendliest people in the earth , yes , Bangladeshi people are one of the most friendly , caring , hospital able and gentle people you may ever heard off ! comparing to our neighboring country, they have Taj Mahal, they have Mountains but they dint have people like us , people in Bangladesh treat tourist as a guest and feel proud if you say hello to them. People in Bangladesh always love to be in your pictures and when you show them, you will be overwhelmed. in Bangladesh, especially in the country side though they are poor comparing to the modern standard , but whenever you bring people to their house, you will see how they will accept you . From any blogs, you read about hospitality, Bangladeshi people are one of the first. When you visiting a family, will offer you the best food, bring the chair out with a honest happy smile. Any part of the country, from the plain land to hill to sea, life may vary but friendship is always there. if you want to visit a country that has not be spoiled for tourist, people are not greedy or cheating with tourist, Bangladesh name will come first . Here, people request tourist to take there pictures and never I experienced that anyone asked money for that. Come to see the real hospitality and visit Bangladesh with Bangladesh Eco Adventure.

Best Places to Meet : Foreign tourist numbers are very few , so whenever a tourist visit, people just follow to see how they are, what they do, what they eat etc. meeting them in local markets , villages, toourist locations almost everywhere !

Best Time to Visit : Any time of the year . 

travel advise :  Generally Bangladeshi people are very friendly but infornt of camera sometime they are shy specially woamns , so visting them first start with greeting , graduality you can be fimiliar with them and they will allow you for pictures as many as you want . whenever you take there pictures , just show them some pictures and you ca nsee the smile in there faces , now a days people will also ask you for selfi .

   Sadarghat River Port and Leisure Boat tour

Old dhaka things you must see

1.there is place in Dhaka that word doesnot enough for desicirbe the liveliness of the place . this is Sadarghat water fornt . from you Mugul period to till now, it is always one of the center point for people to travel. to visit the port, Afternoon is the good time when the boat start horing , people start boarding to the boat. all the day, small distance ship are traveling from here to chandpure . afternoon , speciall boats leaves to Barisal  region . barisal is one of the reason , still waterways is the most comportable , cheaper and pleasent. so it always get busy in the afternoon. we recomand people to come and visit in afeternoon. when you are coming to the river port, please donot miss the boat trip on burigonga river . hundred of boat is crossing the river in every second and froom toursit, they said the old london was used tobe like that . enjoy the sunset on boat and continue before evening . it will be one of the most pleasent way , you can enjoy the busliness of the city and will aloow to to take thousand of lifestle pictures in sadarghat .

How to Go : Dhaka to Sadarghat by Car / Bus / Train  and then tacoutry boat 

Best Time to Visit : Afternoon 

duration of the visit : 01 - 02 hours

travel advise :  boats are very small , so sit in the middle and donot put your hands in the conders because during bording and dismerbak time , it can clash with other boats . it is advisable for those who are physically fit because you have to bend your legs .

Take a Ride on beautifully decorative rickshaws 

2.Dhaka was once called the city of mosque. every signle streets you can hear the beautiful voice to azan . but as day progress and more and more people started to come to Dhaka, econical chagnes happend . people found a small eco freindly transport called Rickshaw is the most popular transportation for all ages of people . Dhaka is now also very famous for this beautiful artistic transport and  its also called now the Rickshaw capital of the world !!! around half a million rickshaw are running in the street everyday . while taking one of the them in old dhaka, give you a ultimate experice of the real life of dhaka .being built unplanly, most of the streets car cannot go but richsaw can go. so it you take you in deep to deepest part of the Dhaka life . it is very comfortable and now its become a part of our culture . the painting behind the richsaws are also very interesting to watch . mostly pictures the cinema life and flowers with brigh colors is worth to visit and talking a ride .

How to Go : Dhaka to Old dhaka Car / Bus / Train  and then take locally a rickshaw

Best Time to Visit : Any time of the year . 

duration of the visit : 01 - 02 hours 

travel advise :  two persons in a group and fix the rate before bording the richsaw . 

  visit the Bangladesh mordern wonder " Parliment Building " 

3.our current parliment buidling is our pride of bangladesh. it is counted as one of the most unique mordern architecture in the world . for many way, it was not possible to visit the great work as a general tourist . but recently with a valid passport and visa, anyone can visit the building druing the officeal house 10:00 am - 04:00 pm .the whole design is geometrical and artifical lake refects the light inside make it more interesting . the central assenmble is on the single bim like a umbralla shaape .as a tourist, it is not possible to brign your camera or any eletrical devise , even the parce has to kept in the safty box .even from outside the look, walking arounfd the lake give you some perfects shots of parliemt building .

How to Go : Dhaka to Tangail is by Car / Bus / Train  and then take locally hire transport

Best Time to Visit : Any time of the year . 

duration of the visit : 01 day

travel advise :  this is one of the very special places in Bangladesh , you can do camping , enjoy stars in darkes , cultural program etc possible. no luxury accomodation can be provided . Rooms are well decorated , hot water , no internate , air condition in afew rooms .

 Craft and Heritage Village Tourism in Tangaile

village tourism in Bangladesh weaving work

4.Tangaile is located in the north earthern part of Dhaka (78km) . bisnapur ,Tangaile is a very famous village for handloom weaving , almost the whole village is doing the tangaile shari weaving . tangaile sari is very popular among ladies and you can see the whole procces of it . aprt of Tangaile handicarft, neighbooring vilalages has also tradtional craftmentship like making jwellery ,  this work is mostly common near the markets area , then traditonal pot making ivllage or pottery village . Bangladeshi people from the old time sing clay pot for everything before the cheramic or plastic products arrive . one of the main attraction of the place is to visit the most beautifully decorated Atia mosque bult in 1607. three km far fro mthe village you can visit by local transport , walking or also by clycling . half a day clycing tour is unique through the village path where you can see the people ,lifestale and clycing in a paved room betwwen the green paddy fieldd. it is suggested to visit in the afternoon or in the morning time because in villages, the local markets sits in the morning or in the afternoon.  we are working with a local organization who help us to promote the touristim there .

Organic farming is yet another attraction. the local organszation is also connect with the world seed bank and currently , they are maintaining the worlds largest community based seed bank . the organization called UBNIG and now they built a complex for also to stay overngiht or for reserch program. they are involve with the weavers communty from 1990s , they establised schools , they have there own faactries where you can see the organic dying program also. in addition, you can see the seed bank, worlds one of the fewest palces of practicing jackert weaving is till existed in the village. food , they sever all tradtional food for there guest and all speices , oil, everything they grow organicilly and service in tradtional clay plots . this is the places where you will also enjoy the Banglai traditional breakfast and chance to learn how to make Bangladesh curry . other activites like village homestay, farming etc can also be done .

How to Go : Dhaka to Tangail is by Car / Bus / Train  and then take locally hire transport

Best Time to Visit : Any time of the year . 

duration of the visit : 01 day

travel advise :  this is one of the very special places in Bangladesh , you can do camping , enjoy stars in darkes , cultural program etc possible. no luxury accomodation can be provided . Rooms are well decorated , hot water , no internate , air condition in afew rooms .

Floating markets in Barisal

Barisal vegetable floating market

5.Bangladesh one of the newest part of exploration is the Asia s one of the biggest floating markets sites in the southern capital of Bangladesh known as Barisal division. Geographically this reason is near the coastline and it has surrounded by mighty rivers all around, so in these rivers, cannels, dis tributaries, from old ages people do tradition by small boat, it has been done mostly in the market days. There are at least 6 markets sits in different days of the week, some are for fruits, some for vegetables, some only rice and many other things . Taking a boat tour in through the small cannels in the morning half is more interesting. You can see the real Bangladeshi lifestyle. Best for pictures also. In the markets there are hundreds of boats coming for selling and buying . You try to close a high place to get best moments of the markets , afternoon you can go for a back water trip like south Indians karalla one .  

How to Go : Dhaka to Barisal  by Car / Bus/ Boat / Train  and then take locally hire transport

Best Time to Visit : Any time of the year but monsoon or post monsoon is the best time

duration of the visit : 01 day

travel advise :  place bring umbrealla, extra battery  for camera

 Experience the Heritage Paddle Steamer Ride

Rocket Steamer Tour

 6. Paddle Steamer or Rocket Steamer , its the name of fo steamers which was introduced by Bristish during 19th century but only two places its till in operation , one is in USA micicipi river and antoher is in Bangladesh in southeren part. this paddle boats once they way main transportation fto connect hundres of small and big districts , subdistrcits with the capital. it is still mainting the same typical looks and the engine is only replaced by general engine but the shape , facilites are almost same . it begins everyday from Dhaka in th evening and overnight curising to Moralgong . it will go through the ganges brahmaputra delta touching chndpur, Barisal , Hularhat , m staoralgong . it will come back the same way starting from Moralgong at 09:30 am , it is highly suggessted forr the toursit where they get more daylinght to see the cuirisng and see the beautiful coutnryy side sitting from the baranda . you can see alot of fishiing , people coming in and out from the boat , erostion, lifestlyle even inside the boat you ca nwalk around and meet lots of people . there are first and second class cabin with airconditon . for tourist frist class is highly suggested and from the barada you can get the best view of the river life . ffresh cooked food is served and tea and coffee is always avaible . room aare small but clean.

How to Go : Dhaka to Sadarghat boat staton by Car / Bus l local transport 

Best Time to Visit : Any time of the year . Friday from Dhaka and Sundaay from Moralgonj its day off.

duration of the visit : 01 dayand 01 night

travel advise :  there is only five to eight first class cabins in the boat , you have to buy the ticket in well advance . tipping is suggested for buying and inside the boat. food can be purchased on boat . no alcohol is served on boat .

visit Rash mela festival in Dubla Island , sundarbans 

Sundarbans Rash Mela Festival Bangladesh West bengal

7. Bangladesh is a beautiful country situated in Ganges – Brahmaputra delta in Southeast Asia neighboring India and Myanmar rich in art, craft, cultural & Heritage. Recently, it was declared by the 8th happiest nation in the world. To visit and experience the real Bangladesh, Bangladesh Eco Adventure Design the a Festival Tour (Rash Mela Festival & Rakher Upobash ).Bangladesh is known famous for its traditional festival and Rash mela festival is one of them. Everyone around 50 thousand people travel by boat to go and participate on this festival. It took place inside the sundarban mangrove forest in one island near the Bay of Bengal called Dubla Island. It a temporary island where fisherman dry fishes for six month before monsoon arrive. They were the first people who start praying and celebrating this festival around 200 years ago. The way people celebrate the festival in the island is unique. Before it was a festival for locals and neighboring villages but now it became of the most popular festival in Bangladesh. Every year, the number of the tourist is increasing for the festival. This year depending on lunar and forest department, it will be celebrated between 04 to 05th November. Beside the festival, you can visit the world’s largest forest & some forest activity, interesting fishermen villages and many others. 

 walking in the Sangu valley , Bandarban Hill Districts

Bandarban Sangu River boat tour in Bangladesh

8. Sangu is the main river flown between the high hill of Bandarbans hill tracts. This area is the least populated in the most populated country. There are around 12 different indigenous community is living in 4000 sq km and this wild hilly river is the only source of water for them.  To reserve of use the water some villagers cross two three kilometers up and down and bring water by plastic bottles in the baskets. Afternoon, the riverside become a meeting places for all groups of people. Even the markets are also close to the river side, so in a market days people come by boat from farest distance. It’s a unique place to see the lifestyle of hilly tribes of Bandarbans. A walk in the bank of sagu , gives a ultimately experience . While walking you can see people crossing the river just by walking because river is not deep, young kids are jumping on the river, some are fishing, some are cleaning all their households’ chars, and some are taking bath. Only during your walk, please don’t take picture of any woman taking bath because they don’t life this to be filmed while having bath. The sun set in Sangu River is also very special.

How to Go : Dhaka to Chittagong by Car / Bus / Train / flight and then take locally private transport

Best Time to Visit : Monsoon from may to end of October there is water in the forest and boating is possible .

duration of the visit : half a day

travel advise :  please bring your rain coat / umbrella , mosquto replent and weather forecast .

 visit the fresh water swamp forest Ratargul Sawmp Forest

09. Ratargul swamp forest is located in the norwestern part of Bangladesh in sylhet region. this is now a days very famous among the local and foreign tourist . surounded by maghalayan hills , boardering with India, this region also consided the most wetest part of Bangladesh , and one of the newest exploration is a sweet water swamp forest . around fifteen km far from sylhet , this sweet water swamp forest is one of the feswest in the coutnry. best time to visit the forest is in monsoon and post monsoon from May to October , first you have to go by car and then take small locally made tourist boat, the most unique part of the forest is in the southen part where you ca nget the reflection of the trees , enjoy the amazing silents ,  wildlife like monkey, squral, different kinds of birds ,  snakes can be spotted which fishing boating and in a sunny day beautiful landscapes you can see .

How to Go : Dhaka to Tea Captial Sylhet is by Car / Bus / Train / flight and then take locally hire transport

Best Time to Visit : Monsoon from may to end of October there is water in the forest and boating is possible .

duration of the visit : half a day

travel advise :  please bring your rain coat / umbrella , mosquto replent and weather forecast .

  visit the Forbitten Ship breaking yard 

visit the ship breaking yard of Bangladesh

10.Ship breaking yard in Shitakunda , Chittagong is one of the biggest ship breaking yard in the world . It a lot of people don’t know about it but now it becomes the forbidden place to visit from inside of the factory. In around 40 km coastline near the Bay of Bengal, It was first established before our independent. Then, low labor cost, graphical location and governments ignorance, the ship breaking industry faster. Main problem of the ship breaking industry is environment. All the toxic and gas emitting from there is a biggest threat for the neighborhood forestry. All the crashing and dismantles done manually that causes high life risk because for not having not proper protection. A lot of the labors lost their life’s or lose their body parts in accidents and compensation is very nominal. When will drive through the area, they can see a fear, threat on the people’s eyes. Now a days, it is not possible to visit the factory from inside but the ship grave yard can be seen from outside by boat. There is around 50 to 60 boat always in the bank and while cursing in the river, you can see how they are working risking the life. This forbidden place is one of the great attraction for the tourist and photographers .

How to Go : Dhaka to Business capital Chittagong is by Car / Bus / Train / flight and then take locally hire transport

Best Time to Visit : please aviod to visit during any strom or June , July when you have high weave in the river  .

duration of the visit : half a day

travel advise :  please bring your rain coat / umbrella , life Jacket  and weather forecast .it is suggest not to interview any local people before starting the trip and donot show the big camera at the begaining .