Best Heritage & Cultural Sites


Paharpur Buddhist Monastery

Paharpur Buddhist Monastery or Sompur Mahavihar was the first Cultural UNESCO World Heritage site in Bangladesh. Located in Naogaon district, it is the most important Buddhist monastery ever built in Bengal and declared as the single largest Buddhist monastery of south of Himalaya!

The monastery was built under the supervision of Pala dysentery in 08th AD to spread Mahayana Buddhism all around Asia. The impressive pyramid shape central temple with terracotta plague with 177 rooms surrounded the central temple still reminds the prosperous last independent Buddhist kingdom in the world!  The small but impressive museum has the collection of rare bronze statue of Buddha, Tara the goddess, Bisnu, Shiva, Islamic calligraphy and many more! Every day the museum is open of the tourist from 10:00-05:00 pm in Summer and 09:00 am - -4 :00 pm in Winter period except Sunday  and Monday in the Morning half !

If you are interested about the cultural sites of Bangladesh, then Paharpur will be the best choice. Ideally you need two days if you start from Dhaka to visit and come back to Dhaka.

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