Sundarbans Mangrove Forest     


Sundarban Mangrove forest is the single largest mangrove forest in the whole world located in the southwestern part of Bangladesh. This amazingly diversify forest was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage .The uprising root, muddy terrain, beautiful natural views , Home of the largest population of Bengal tiger, rare endanger estuarine crocodile and clustered of thousand of island make forest unique. The lash green vegetation gives a fresh feeling to your eyes and for bird lovers, it is a parade. About 270 types of birds have been recorded in Sundarbans which attracts bird watcher from around the globe. The only way to travel to Sundarbans in Bangladeshi part is by boat. Tourist can go for day long trip but the most popular trip is the longest trip that includes Kotka & kochikhali wild life sanctuary area.  

 This Sundarbans forest attract a lot of foreign & local tourist everywhere . Sundarbans forest is considered one of the main attractions of Bangladesh for foreigners. The sundarban tour program bellow we  design for small group of tourist who wants to enjoy the real flavor of Sundarbans avoiding the mass tourism in Sundarbans .Activities we offer  forest like anchoring the Sundarban cruising boat close to the forest , early morning & afternoon boat trip in wooden boat without making noise to go the deepest part of the cannels , trekking in off beaten path with experience forest guides and tour guides , avoiding the mass tourism places with our own techniques , giving the best tour experience in Sundarbans , enjoy the silent of the forest, fishing near the forest periphery, visit the forest dwellers villages to see the traditional way of living , organizing night time boat tour in small cannel in search of rare wildlife , buying fresh fishing from the fisherman and cook on boat and many more stuffs .

  Information about the Sundarbans criusing boat   

Sundarbans forest tour is only accessible by boat. So there are 20 registered boats are in operation for sundarbans tour. Government do not promote it for mass tourism, so the number of boats are limited and faculties is basic but up to the mark. The tour season for sundarbans is from September to March. Capacity of passengers per boat from 06 -40 pax in between. Among that, we have 5 AC boat is the market. Prices are higher than the rest of the non air condoned. All boat contains fresh water , mineral water , and a team of 5-20 people for taking take of the boat. Cabins are bunk or flat depends boat to boat. For sundarbans tour in winter, it is not necessary to have AC on boat.

  Other important information for sundarbans forest TRIP 


Meal Time:

Morning Tea: 0530 hrs, Breakfast: 0730-0830 hrs, Morning Snacks & Tea: 1000-1100 hrs

Lunch: 1230-1330 hrs

Afternoon Snacks & Tea: 1530-1630 hrs

Dinner: 1930-2030 hrs




Toast, Butter, Egg-omelet / fry, Jam, Sundarbans honey, tea & coffee, seasonal fruit.

Chapati, omelet, mixed vegetable, Sundarbans honey, tea & coffee, fresh fruit.



Plain rice, mixed vegetable, thick dal (lintels), fish fry, salad, tea & coffee, dessert.

Plain polau, fried vegetable, chicken curry, salad, tea & coffee, dessert

Khichuri, potato chop, fried vegetable, mutton curry, salad, tea & coffee, dessert


Plain rice, vegetable chop, thick dal, fish or chicken curry, mixed vegetable, salad, tea & coffee, dessert

Fried rice, French fry, boiled vegetable, chicken curry, salad, tea & coffee, dessert

Noodle & fried rice, mixed vegetable, Bar-B-Q chicken & fish, salad, tea & coffee, dessert