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Rohingya Refuges in Bangladesh

The Rohingya people are living in the western cost of Myanmar in Rakhaine state Myanmar from 12th Century according to historian and anthropologist. Predominately rohinga tribe is Muslim dominated and for years, they were derived by the government and the rohingya peoples political identify negated by the government of Myanmar.  After the military juntas’ taken the rakhine state, minority Muslim people are suffering untitled exposure by the authority. Rohingya people are the stateless community in the world. The analyst describe them “the world’s most persecuted minority.”Buddhist majority Myanmar considered 135 official ethnic groups but the government of Myanmar denied their citizenship since 1982.

From March 25, 2017 the Myanmar military prosecuted one of the highest numbers of genocide in Rakhaine state near the Bangladeshi boarded area. The United Nation has described it as text book example of ethnic cleansing. Around six troughed people was procedure and till now nearly half million rohingya refuges crosses the boarded and shelter in Bangladeshi Cox’s Bazar Ukhiya area and made temporary huts in the hills for living . Many of them are wounded and hungry for several days. You can see the faces of those people and it shows that what the have seen or experience of the human catastrophic of mankind.

There are several big news agencies like Al Jazeera , CNN , BBC , DW , CBN , Washington Post , Guardians, Channel 4 UK etc have done documentaries  . please find some of their footage as bellow :

Al Jazeera Times BBC World DW News

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