planning for a Dhaka City Tour ?

Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, a chaotic and vibrant city, known as capital of Mosque and now also known as capital of Rickshaws
,  these colorful rickshaws , warm hospitalities of local makes you surprise every way while in Dhaka, find a new way to living likes Bangales, Dhaka never sleeps , visiting Dhaka is exciting ,  evey parts had its own story to tell, like starting first with the Iconic Parliament building, it is considered one of the best Arcithure done by famous Luis I Khan from USA, then first half with Red fort of Mugal period, University of Dhaka important in terms of political changes from British-East and West Pakistan - Bangladesh , enjoy the  block printing work in new market where colors blends with your lens,
Bangla food is famous and delicious , sit in any corners old Dhaka and will get never forget curries . Afternoon, walk in the deep inside the Old part of the city, with the advantage of lights can the smile of locals in your frame, this country people are happy to see them in their frames , Famous single street shakaria bazar, if you are lucky and you explore the Hindu street during any festivals then there will be nothing more than that, Ornamentals Star Mosques gives you the glance of unique mosaic design , the Royal Palace Ahsanmonjil, and lastly the best surprise of the day Sadarghat River fronts , words are not enough to tell how is this place, thousands of boats people makes the afternoon like human wave  ,  enjoy the sunset in a country boat in Buriganga river.