Unbelievable Bangladesh

BANGLADESH... When you mention this country, Western people mostly think about floods or similar natural disasters and extreme poverty. Well, pick up all these preconceived ideas and put them in the dustbin!

Bangladesh and its people are surprising and may conquer your heart if you let them in. Not casually it is called "Land of Smiles": Bangladeshi are friendly and smile very often; not used to see many tourists they are glad to meet and talk to foreigners...even to take pictures of them or better with them. Proud of their own cultural identity, normally they are delighted if you show interest for it and want to take shots of them. This country is so colourful and vividly authentic in everyday aspects of life that it becomes a kind of paradise for ones who love photography.

Why do you think Bangladesh Tourism Board for 2016 has chosen the claim "Visit Bangladesh - Life happens here"? Because it is simply so!!

Of course attractions of this country do not end with people: there are several sites of historical interest to visit (among which Unesco Heritage Paharpur Buddhist Monastery) and countryside is really pleasant to explore; by the way, do you know rice fields have their own flavour? And what about gorgeous tea gardens in Srimangal region... When not mentioning boundless beaches at Cox's Bazaar or incredible Sundarbans, world's largest mangroves' forest and home of Bengali tiger... Do not forget Bandarbans Hills area with its small villages...

Shortly it is impossible to describe all what you can see (and feel) coming here! You have to experience by yourself.