Bangladesh Eco Adventure started its journey with some intellectual tour officials with a mission to change the country’s negative image.  With this dream & theme, we came a long way with great success. Bangladesh Eco Adventure not only provides you with a trusted and reliable source for purchasing your travel, the level of service you will receive from us only begins during the purchasing phase. Both before and throughout your trip, you will have the security of knowing you have a partner nearby to ensure your satisfaction. Whether it is something as simple as notifying you of a schedule change on an international flight, re-routing an island hop due to weather, or recommending an optional excursion when greeted at your hotel upon arrival, our travel specialists and international infrastructure are in place to ensure a seamless experience for you and your travel companions.

Regardless of your travel needs, you will find the utmost experience, service, and value when working with Bangladesh Eco Adventure. We invite you to explore our website, submit a trip request, or call one of our destination specialists to discuss your next trip. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Bangladesh responsible Tourism

   Responsible Travel in Bangladesh with us !!!    

  •  We employ local guides, suppliers, and operators in the destinations we travel, to ensure that when we 'take' from any destination it is only right for us to 'give' back in an equal manner or more.
  • Instead of staying in large all-inclusive resorts or hotel chains, we aim to support the local economy by staying in small-scale hotels where possible, otherwise, the best feasible option is employed.
  • Community-based Eco-Tourism initiatives are incorporated in our tours wherever possible in the process trying to ensure that when a local Eco-Tourism initiative is promoted, the trickle-down effect of revenue reaches the communities
  • Our commitment to the natural world and its protection has made us firm believers in highlighting grass-root level conservation projects as an integral part of our adventures
  • We make a special effort to ensure that low-impact accommodation is used in most of our travel destinations, where the construction materials are local, the energy usage is minimal, and waste management is top class
  • Whenever feasible, produce like vegetables and poultry are always sourced locally from villagers residing near the camp & we promote local businesses by using local jeeps and locally owned wooden canoes for moving on rivers
  • We always believe in small groups of a maximum of 12 to reduce the impact on the ‘carrying capacity of the region they are passing through.
  • On treks and otherwise too, our strict adherence to the policy of Leave No Trace helps protect the environment and is an example to the locals by removing all waste from place to place. This means with a smaller amount of ponies to carry our gear, we minimize the impact on local grazing areas and trail degradation. We only use cooks and guides we have trekked with before, and pony men who do not mistreat or overload their animals.
  • Keeping the carbon footprints of our trips in mind, we strongly promote modes of transport like cycling, train travel, and non-mechanized water transport when feasible
  • Of course, it’s easy to say that we’re dedicated to conservation, eco-friendliness, fighting climate change, etc. The reality is more complicated and demanding, and we’re the first to acknowledge that bringing travelers to remote and not-so-remote places inevitably has local and global environmental and cultural impacts. But—and this is something to which we devote continual thought. When it’s intelligently done, travel is a net plus for the visitor and the visited alike.


                             words from Our Chairman 

I start traveling at an early age to a different part of the country. So it was always in my mind to set up a company that helps and promotes destinations where tourists cannot reach with a standard service. With my sons, I started Bangladesh Eco Adventure for Foreign and local tourists to give a satisfactory service with the best possible personalized services. For us, we believe in trust, cooperation, and friendship. These key factors always lead to success.


Mohammad Ali




Bangladesh Eco Adventure is growing fast in Gobel Market. we are working with all big agencies in India. it has been a successful journey to offer exclusive tours to India and to some extent from our own connection, we can beat the prices of local operators. we are fair in business and never try to do anything that harms our business. Honesty is the best policy.