Responsible Tourism with Bangladesh Eco Adventure


Responsible Tourism with Bangladesh Eco Adventure

The tourism of Bangladesh is very little known in the world. People have no idea about the possibilities and potentiality of Bangladesh. Many of the tourist who visits Bangladesh for just to mark another country in their travel map or for just transit to Bhutan or India. But, there is some real tourist, who has a visit see the real life, the real beauty, meet the real people and live the days like the best day ever.

Bangladesh is situated in the southeast part of Asia, neighboring Myanmar and India.  Bangladesh is known for its textile industry. There are about a million people who are involved with garments textile work. Comparing that, tourism in Bangladesh is less known in the world especially among westerners. Very few companies are in this business but in near future, it can be bigger with government’s efforts and the involvement of the young generation.

Bangladesh Eco Adventure has begun its journey in 2014 March. It has been three years with ups and downs. It is never been easy for us to survive here during the raise of worldwide extremism and islamophobia, economical rescission but now things are going better slowly. The county is growing and GDP is improving.

Bangladesh Eco Adventure finds out that, the main tourist product for any traveler which makes it different from other countries, is the people. The people of Bangladesh are so generous, humble, and interesting. Any tourist who has come and stayed here could never forget the hospitality of the locals. If tourists travel by bus and if there are no seats there, you will find someone who will offer you the seat, if there is no seat on the train, you will find someone who will share the seat, even at the last moment before the flight departs, if it is a local carrier they will take you in! It’s not something that words will be enough to describe Bangladeshi local people. In my 10 years of tourism guiding life, I witness so many unreliable stories. Even meeting a very poor guy will offer you the best food they have! That’s why we say, it is an ever-friendly country on the earth.

Responsible Tourism with Bangladesh Eco Adventure

Last ten years working with all of the big companies, we have found that local peoples, indigenous peoples, people who make the trip special are not going to get any benefits from Bangladesh Tourism. After establishing our company, we set up a goat to establish our responsible tourism department. It is still very small but already started to work in three different remote districts of the country on Rajshahi, Srimangal, Bandarban. Santal tribe Rajshahi, Mru tribe Bandarban, Tea pluckers Sreemangal area.

Bangladesh Eco Adventure first started with giving them school bags, sports kits, etc to four different schools in three different districts. All these schools where the minorities or tribal people are students who often drop from education because of lack of money. Bangladesh Eco Adventure stands along with disaster-affected areas of Northern Bangladesh and Northeastern Bangladesh. From our small income, we tried to help people.

Bangladesh Eco Adventure set their next goal to work in a health reactor especially for the vaccination program in the remote hilly districts, Hepatitis B vaccination in one of the prostitution villages in Mongla, Baniyasanta. we have 01 students in Bandarban hill district whom all educational expense bear by Bangladesh Eco Adventure and InshaALLH in near future, we would like to increase the number up to 05 students.

Responsible tourism in Bangladesh is much needed at the moment. We know some villages near Sundarbans where if a tourist comes, they will start asking for chocolate or pensile, etc. it is going that way, tourists will start to change the habits of the kids, and the tourism industry will be shaken up. We don’t encourage tourists to give food/chocolate to the locals, giving pens to the school, and helping with financially. We work with the village people and we give things through the teachers. I wish one day we will meet more travel agencies who will be doing more than what we are doing.

In responsible tourism, we are very new! There are a lot of sectors we need to improve and we need work. Bangladesh Eco Adventure will appreciate all your comments and suggestions to make it more efficient!

Thank you

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