Sundarbans Package Tour with Private Boat 

04 Nights & 04 Days on Boat inside Sundarbans & Barisal Floating Markets

  Tour Overview


The Sundarban Mangrove Forest, located in the southwestern region of Bangladesh, is the planet's largest mangrove forest. This incredibly diverse forest has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The forest is unique because of its uprising root, muddy ground, stunning natural views, and the fact that it is home to the world's largest population of Bengal tigers, rarely threatened estuarine crocodiles, and thousands of islanders. The rich green vegetation provides your eyes with a refreshing sensation, and it's a bird enthusiast paradise. Sundarbans is home to over 270 different bird species, attracting bird lovers from all over the world. On the Bangladeshi side of the Sundarbans, the only way to get there is via boat. Tourists can travel on a day excursion, but the longest journey, which includes Kotka and the Kochikhali wildlife sanctuary area, is the most popular.


Tour Starts & Ending Place  Tour Duration Holiday Type Best Time to GO Price Starts   Special Offer 
Start in Dhaka and ends in Dhaka 05 Days & 04 Nights 

Full Board Basis Package Tour 

September - March  635 USD 10 USD Discount


Tour Highlights:

  Enjoy the cruise through the mangrove forest and stay your two best nights inside the forest close to nature & wilderness

 Cruise up to the last border of Sundarbans, Bangladesh at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal, and Stay in the Wildlife Sanctuary area near the tiger nest on a boat.

 Early morning Bird watching tour inside the small channel. Jungle walks and climbs up to the watchtower,

 Visit the nearby fisherman’s villages. Fishing, and swimming in the wild Sundarbans river

 Visit the virgin wild sandy beach at Kotka - Kochikhali Wildlife Sanctuary area.

 Adventures night boat safaris.


Benefits of Traveling in Small Groups Sundarbans Tour 

Starting our journey in Mongla and boarding the Sundarbans cruising boat, you will spend your two nights and three days on the water with your group only aboard the Sundarbans cruising boat. Small boats can travel close to the canals or riverbanks, allowing you to get a close look at the forest. Private excursions can offer more boat cruises, woodland walks, and adventures than group large tours, and they are more engaging and fun. Due to the COVID outbreak, we recommend that you go with your group so that you can enjoy and rest on your own time.

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Enjoy 02 Nights on the Sundarbans Tour with a Private Boat 


Day 01: Overnight launch Crisue to Barisal 

 In the afternoon, our guide will pick you up from your hotel or home address and transport you to Sadargaht Riverport. Sadarghat river port is Bangladesh's busiest and most intriguing river port, from which all small and large ships depart for the southern half of the country. Arrive in Barisal and transfer to the famous paddle steamer first-class cabin (depending on the trip roster or we will take a luxury boat VIP cabin with an attached toilet).

 Experience hill tribe culture The overnight boat experience: even at night, the journey is fascinating. Before departing, you can take in the last-hour bustle in the port, go around the boat on different decks to see how people travel, and enjoy the moonlight with stars, among other things.

 Experience hill tribe culture Luxury Launch: Paddle steamers were introduced by the British in the 1940s and still, a few of them are in operation. Twice a week, you can try to take the paddle steamer boat from Dhaka or we will travel with big launches from Dhaka to Barisal with private cabins. 


Day 02: Floating Market Tour & Bagerhat UNESCO site & Mongla transfer 

 We'll arrive in Barisal early in the morning, disembark from the boat, and drive to the Banoripara boat station to see the floating markets. The day's itinerary includes the following items:

 Experience hill tribe culture We'll stop at the gutia mosque compound along the route. It is the newest and most beautiful mosque in the city, with the tallest minaret. The property is lovely, and you can visit the mosque outside of prayer times. Board our engine boat for a backwater floating market tour when you arrive at Banoripara boat station. This open-engine boat with seating and a tea–coffee station is a great way to start the day.

 Experience hill tribe culture One of the tour's main highlights is a cruise along the river and through a variety of minor canals. Life is always on the water in this part of the world. You will see villagers going to the market, coming to the river for cleaning work, weaving hands from home, farmers bringing crops to markets by boat, wooden bridges, fruit or vegetable orchards, and much more in the morning when you walk to the market.

 Experience hill tribe culture The floating market is a more than 200-year-old tradition that takes place every week on different days in different locations, including vegetable markets, rice markets, and boat markets. The markets open between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. To perform their buying and selling, farmers carry all of their crops via wooden boats. Around 50 to 200 boats arrive to conduct business. Following a quick tour, we will purchase breakfast at one of the Bazars and eat it aboard the boat.

 Experience hill tribe culture We will disembark from the boat and drive to the Mongla port through the ferry crossing. Visit Bagerhat Mosque City, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you will view the most impressive brick-constructed mosque generally known as 60 or Sixty dommed Mosque, Nine domed Mosque, and Khan Jahan Ali's Shrine, among other things.

 Experience hill tribe culture upon arrival at Mongla Port, transfer to a Hotel or Resort, check and for dinner, and overnight in Mongla. if available, you can board the boat the same night or the next morning before breakfast.



Day 03: Start Sundarbans tour from Mongla to Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary

 We will transfer you to the Sundarbans boat early in the morning, and after some formalities, the master will begin the most magnificent trip to Bangladesh, which includes the activities described below -    

Experience hill tribe culture We will transfer you to the Sundarbans cruising boat once you arrive at Mongla port. The boat will immediately begin cruising towards the Sundarbans. The boat will go through the jungle in two hours, passing by fisherman settlements and a prostitute hamlet at the Sundarbans forest's edge. Our destination for today is the Kotka – Kochikhali Wildlife Sanctuary area, which takes about 7-9 hours to reach depending on the tides.

Experience hill tribe culture On the way, we'll offer various wilderness activities, such as a boat ride through one of the lovely canals known for bird watching. Sundarbans sailing is unusual in that it allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of the boat deck upon arrival at the Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary area, where the boat is anchored and where you will spend the night near the Kotka forest station.


Day 04: Wilderness of Sundarbans Kotka - Kochikhali Wildlife Sanctuary 


Early in the morning, considering the weather forecast and tidal timing, we will start our adventure including - 

Experience hill tribe culture The guide will take you on a boat tour early in the morning. It's the perfect time to get a close look at wildlife. It's also quite lovely to watch the sunrise. The boat journey will take you inside the jungle to two residences before returning to the Sundarban cruising boat for breakfast. Enjoy a Bangla breakfast while collecting honey from the Sundarbans.

 Experience hill tribe culture Then we'll go to the Kalka Wildlife Sanctuary's forest office, which is regarded as the best place to watch wildlife such as wild boar, gorgeous spotted deer, monkeys, egrets, kingfishers, and many other stunning birds and wildlife. If you're lucky, you might spot the enigmatic Sundarban tigers' new pug mark.

 Experience hill tribe culture Other activities include a mud bath, a visit to Kotka's wild sandy beach, more adventurous trekking through canals, and walking in the most isolated regions of the forest for unique views of the Sundarbans forest, among others. After climbing to the watchtower to observe the forest view and watching the sunset from the boat, we will host a modest bar-b-que meal. We'll take a boat ride to the Kochikhali Wildlife Sanctuary.

Overnight in Kochikhali.



Day 05: Halfday inside Sundarbans Forest & fly Back to DHAKA

 Early morning we will go inside the kochikhali wildlife sanctuary area to visit the forest part.

Experience hill tribe culture We will first do a boat tour very early in the morning like the other day.

 Experience hill tribe culture After breakfast visit the Kochikhali forest office area. It has open big meadows in the middle of the forest where birds and deer come and it also has one big sweet water pond in the middle to supply the sweet water.

Experience hill tribe culture After visiting Back to the Back it will start cruising back to Mongla. normally the boat will arrive in the afternoon and then end our tour.

Note: We assist you in booking the flights from Dhaka to Jessore to Dhaka, hotels in Khulna, Sundarbans Eco cottage, Mongla, and Paddle Steamer tickets to travel up and down to Mongla. call us  +8801787751865



 Sundarbans Forest Small boat Details 

 Accommodation & Cabin facilities: Generally, all Small boat has the accommodation of 08 tourist maximum in one boat with all separate cabins. All small boats have 03 Twin cabins & 01 Semi-Double Cabins with 01 Common Toilet. Cabins have a blanket, mosquito nets, a proper bed, and one fan on top of everyone's bed, Food: Boats carry all fresh vegetables, fish, and meats. We normally serve a less spicy Bangla menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tea coffee will be always available on a boat.

 Food on Boat: Morning in breakfast - honey, egg, chapati, vegetables, etc will be served, lunch and dinner - we have fish, meat, vegetables, and daal on the menu. Last night on the boat we did a small bar b q on the boat

 Power supply & Others: boats have a generator to provide electricity to recharge your mobile, batteries, camera, etc according to the forest laws, we can run the generator till from afternoon to 23:00 hrs when you can recharge all your batteries, etc and then we have an emergency power supply (IPS) for fan, lights throughout the night.


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Prices per person 

Group Size Duration Included Meals Price per person  in USD  Special Offer for 2023  
01 Pax  04 Night 05 Days  Full Board Basis 1525 USD 5% Discount  Book Now
02 Pax  04 Night 05 Days  Full Board Basis 925 USD 5% Discount  Book Now
03 Pax  04 Night 05 Days  Full Board Basis 785 USD 5% Discount Book Now
04 Pax  04 Night 05 Days  Full Board Basis 725 USD 5% Discount   Book Now


Special Note: if you are traveling to Khulna or Mongla by yourself, you can also do the Sundarbans tour from Mongla to Sundarbans (02 Nights / 03 Days) with us and the price will be 01 Pax  group - 1085 USD, 02 pax group - 625 USD per person, 03 Pax group - 485 USD per person, 04 Pax group - 435 USD per person 



Included & Excluded in the Tour 

 Experience hill tribe culture Accommodation: 

Dhaka - Barisal VIP Cabin: we will offer you a VIP cabin with an attached toilet in Dhaka to the Barisal launch or if matches our schedule you can also travel to Barisal by paddle steamer boat with a first-class cabin but the paddle steamer first-class cabin has a a no attached ta oilet, with shared toilet 

Mongla Hotel or Resort: Pasur Parjatan Hotel Rainbow Eco Resort or Golkanon Eco Cottage 

Experience hill tribe culture  Sundarbans Charted Boat: Full board basis from day 02 morning to day 04 lunch we will start 02 nights and 03 days on the boat 

 Experience hill tribe culture  Transportation: From Barisal to Mongla transfer by Air-conditioned Van with all charges on day 01 and also on Day 04 transfer from Mongla ghat to Jessore Airport, Domestic flight fare from Jessore to Dhaka is included 

 Experience hill tribe culture Meals: All food from the first-night Dinner on Rocket steamer or Launch to Barisal to Day four lunch will be Bangladeshi food.

Experience hill tribe culture Permission & Sightseeing: permission and sightseeing fees are included in the program, you need to send your passport copy for the permit approval. 

Experience hill tribe culture Tour Guide: 01 Dedicated tour guide and supporting 04 - 05 Boat crews will accompany you for the tour 


 General Information Covid 19 & Common Advice for Sundarbans Tour

Experience hill tribe culture From September 01, 2021, the forest will open its doors for tourists to visit. so you can travel to the Sundarbans forest now with your group without any restrictions. but you have to follow the rules of wearing a mask in the group while visiting the forest.

Experience hill tribe culture All our boat crews are vaccinated and they are our permanent staff staying on the boat. during the tour, they will wear masks on duty conducting the tour and coming in front of the tourists.

Experience hill tribe culture Our Guide and Master with Forest rangers have the right to avoid any places due to bad water, high weave, or any emergencies.

Experience hill tribe culture Windbreaker/raincoat/umbrella for rain, Snicker shoes for walking, Hat / Cap for Sun protection, Sunburn lotion & insect spray, towels, your emergency medicines,  Binoculars if you are interested in birding, Toothpaste & toothbrush, Bath soap, Flashlight.

Experience hill tribe culture Drone flight is completely prohibited to fly in the Sundarbans forest range.


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