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08 Hours Tour of Dhaka

Tour Overview

Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh is a very interesting destination for tourist who likes architecture culture and the story behind it. The Architectural Tour of Dhaka is an ideal tour to explore the old and modern architecture of Dhaka. The highlight of the visit is the masterpiece of modern architecture the famous Luis I khans one of the incredible designs of the National Parliament building of Bangladesh and visiting the parliament house from inside with very special permission. We will also explore some hidden gems like the Baitur Rauf Jame Mosque, the independent museum, Mugul architecture, Liberation War Museum, Curzon Hall, etc 


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Tour Highlights

 A tour of Bangladesh's iconic Parliament Building from the inside

 Explore the famed Baitur Rauf Jame Mosque's eco-friendly modern construction.

 quick stroll to the Liberation War Museum

 Curzon Hall Building to see the British and mogul architectural achievement.

 Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque's mogul architecture is worth visiting.



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Exploring the Architectural wonders of Dhaka 




Meet with our guide at your hotel or residence lobby at 07:30 am and we will start exploring the architectural wonders of Dhaka including -

 Batur Rauf Jame Mosque: located suburb of Dhaka, Baritur Rauf mosque was designed as an Aga Khan awarded mosque for its unique architecture. It is a multipurpose mosque used for praying, school, and meeting grounds. It is taken from the concept of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’ allowing all regions of all ages of people to come and visit the mosque.

 Parliament Building from Inside: Continue driving to the Parliament Building, where you will be required to fill out some paperwork, including a valid passport copy and a visa copy. The Parliament Building is one of the most important legislative complexes in the world, as well as one of the outstanding examples of modern architecture. It took a lot of planning and constraint to construct during the Pakistani period. Many features include a glass canopy, an umbrella-shaped central hall, space for entering lights and breeze, a lake and reflection, and much more.

 Liberation War Museum: the newly built Liberation War Museum is one of the unique modern architecture of Dhaka. Design in an eco-friendly way to show the liberation war and all its war crafts.

 Grave of General Zia: The 7th President Mr. Zia memorial is a significant architectural engineering monument. The mausoleum, the crescent lake with a beautiful approach bridge in a deep green forest makes it special.

 Curzon Hall Building from outside: the science faculty of Dhaka University is one of the best examples of Dhaka's architecture, it’s a blend of European and Mogul elements combined with traditional art with modern technology. Originally built as a town hall converted into Dhaka College and later Dhaka University. From the language movement to the liberation war, it was the centre of all political movements.

 Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque: the seventh-century mosque bears the architecture of testimony of that period. The dome mosque with an underground platform with small accommodations inside with a roof makes it an identical mosque built mogul period.

 Independent Pillar: situated in the historical place where West Pakistan surrendered during the 1971 liberation war. Many of the historical events happened here and for this reason, the Independence Pillar and the museum were established. one of the best times to visit is in the evening when the tower looks elegant as the rays of light come out from every single inch of the tower. The whole tower turns into a white pillar.

Hotel Transfer: Drop at the hotel/residence, say goodbye, and end our Tour.


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Experience hill tribe culture  Transportation: All transfers by locally hired private air-conditioned Van

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Experience hill tribe culture Tour Guide: 01 Dedicated tour guide supporting our local tribal guides will join most of the places. 

Experience hill tribe culture Tour Upgradation: you can upgrade accommodation or Transportation if required by discussing with us in advance 


 General Information Covid 19 & Common advice for the tour



Experience hill tribe culture Visitors are not permitted to enter the parliament building due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Experience hill tribe culture To get the approval to visit the parliament building, we need to apply a week ahead with visa and passport copies of the client

Experience hill tribe culture The authority has the right to change the visit time/date or even cancel without prior notice.

Experience hill tribe culture Any kind of electrical device will not be allowed inside the building, no picture inside.



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