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Tour Overview 


Dhaka the most vibrant and colourful city of Dhaka is also known as the city of mosques and the Capital of Rickshaws. Conquered by Mugulas and expend during the British period it has a lot to explore! Dhaka city tour is one of Bangladesh Eco Adventures' most popular adventures. This tour includes the visit of all historical sites from the Mugul period to our liberation wartime, visiting the museum, experiencing street life with a cup of tea, meeting locals and exploring local markets, taking rickshaws in the old town, and most importantly a boat tour in Burigonga river.


Tour Starts & End Tour Duration Holiday Type Best Time to GO Price Starts   
Dhaka 08 Hours Package Tour  All Year Round 55 USD  





 Experience hill tribe culture  The early morning tour starts with the  flowering market 

Experience hill tribe culture A brief visit to the Dhaka Highlights Kawranbazar wholesale market & walk on the train tracks

Experience hill tribe culture Mugul fort Lalbag visit dated from 17th AD

Experience hill tribe culture Dhaka University sculpture squareNational temple Dhakeswari temple visit 

Experience hill tribe culture Old Dhaka Rickshaw ride & Old Dhaka walking tour to the Sadaarghat Riverport 

Experience hill tribe culture Boat ride in the famous burigonga river in the afternoon


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Hotel - Dhaka City Tour - Hotel - 08 Hours 


Our Guide will come and meet you in the lobby and we will start our Dhaka city tour at 08:00 AM from your hotel.

Experience hill tribe culture We first visit the flower market of Dhaka, which sits early morning for a few hours. it's a colourful place with lots of locally produced flowers trading every day.

Experience hill tribe culture Followed by one of the most unique modern architecture in the world, our National Parliament building. Designed by the famous architect Louis I Kahn from the USA this architectural wonder is worthwhile to visit. Geometric design, the lake, and the lane in the front make it exclusively beautiful.

Experience hill tribe culture  Then, Visit Kawran Bazar market, the busiest whole sell vegetable, and fish markets sit near the train station. It is an ideal place to get an introduction to the daily life of Dhaka citizens. You will see the shopping on the train track, people travelling on the roof of the train, etc.

Experience hill tribe culture We will also visit the Lalbag Fort site and museum, it was built in 17th AD and till now, it is one of the main centres of attraction for local and foreign tourists



Experience hill tribe culture Followed by the national temple of Bangladesh Dhakeswari temple to get some spiritual lesions of Hinduism. According to legends, the city was named Dhaka after the temple.

Experience hill tribe culture We will also visit the highest educational centre at Dhaka University. Many sites inside the university including the beautiful Curzon Hall, Sculpture Square, and National Language Monument before lunch.

Experience hill tribe culture  We will arrange a special Bengali lunch authentic Bengal Restaurant.

Experience hill tribe culture  After lunch, take the traditional Rickshaw Tour in Old Town's small narrow streets. We will pass so many markets, shops, and streets with people and small vendors everywhere making it special.

Experience hill tribe culture  Visit the Orthodox Armenian Church of 18th AD, also the most beautiful mosque in Dhaka decorated with mosaic built-in 19th Century Star Mosque. For visiting the mosque, we have to dress men and women according to the Islamic way like a scarf on the Head, full slave.

Experience hill tribe culture  Then start the Old Dhaka walking tour through markets to visit Beautiful Pink Palace built in 1836 and was considered the most important and beautiful building during the British Raj.

Experience hill tribe culture  Lastly, visit South Asia’s largest river port Sadarghat Riverport. Stroll to the port in the afternoon to see the bustling lively Dhaka during its rush hours. End the Dhaka city tour lazily boat tour in the Buriganga river .and then we will drop off at the hotel and end our tour.

 Prices per person 

Group Size Duration Included Meals Price in USD     
01 Pax  08 Hours   Bengali Traditional Lunch  90 USD   Book Now
02 Pax  08 Hours   Bengali Traditional Lunch 55 USD   Book Now
03 - 04 Pax  08 Hours   Bengali Traditional Lunch 45 USD   Book Now
05 - 10 Pax  08 Hours   Bengali Traditional Lunch 40 USD   Book Now


Included & Excluded in the Tour 


Experience hill tribe culture Transport: All transfers by Privet Transport with all fuel, driver expenses, parking, toll, etc. the rickshaw ride and boat tour of the burigonga river is also included 

Experience hill tribe culture  Sightseeing: All Entry fees are included in the tour plan. Ahsanmanjil or  entry fees is not included 

Experience hill tribe culture  Food: Lunch in the traditional Bangla restaurant. also, 500 ml of water per person is included 

Experience hill tribe culture  Tour Guide: this is a guided tour, one English Speaking Guide 

Experience hill tribe culture  Tipping: Tipping to the tour guide, the driver is excluded from the tour plan.



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