Tribal & Cultural Tour of Bangladesh

14Nights & 15Days in remote valley & Hills of Bangladesh 



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Tour Overview 

Bangladesh has about thirteen tribal groups who are living in valleys and there are tribal groups who are living in hills. Bangladesh Eco Adventure is running this responsible tribal tour including the valley tribes like Santal, Hajong, Garo, Monipuri, Khasia, Tippra located in Rajshahi, Mymensing, Srimangal, and Hilly tribal’s like Chakma, marma, Bawm, Khumi, Murung, Tangchonga, Tripura, Chak, etc who are living in Rangamati and Bandarban Hill district. Dominated by Hindu, Buddhist, Christian cultures and some still practice their old religious animism; some of these tribes still depend on hunting, going to the forest for food. Bangladesh tribal tour is prepared with our best expertise to show the authentic culture, heritage, traditions along with visiting them on market days, cultural and folk festivals, sharing and learning their cultures, food, and way of living!


Tour Starts & End Tour Duration Holiday Type Best Time to GO Price Starts   Special Offer 
Dhaka 15 Days Package Tour  All Year Round 1875 USD 40 USD Discount






Experience hill tribe culture Off- beaten trip through the countryside, forest, hills, rivers of Bangladesh

Experience hill tribe culture Homestay, food tour, hiking, and cycling in the tea capital Sreemangal 

Experience hill tribe culture Focusing the daily lifestyle of the tribal group  

Experience hill tribe culture A day in the lake doing swimming, fishing & interesting with tribes!

Experience hill tribe culture Travel to CHT ( Rangamati & Bandarbans in market days)

Experience hill tribe culture Boat trips in Kaptai lake, Rangamti & Bandarbans Sangu river

Experience hill tribe culture Try the local food especially tribal food

Experience hill tribe culture Exploring the cultural sites and also the highlights of Bangladesh


 Exo Travel


Dhaka - Rajshahi - Mymensingh - Sreemangal - Chittagong - Rangamati - Bandarban - Dhaka / 15 Days 






Day 01: Dhaka Arrival & Hotel Transfer  

Our team will receive you from Dhaka international Airport and after completing all the formalities of immigration, we will start driving towards the hotel. Upon arrival check in to the hotel, free time and if you want, we can take you for a stroll around the hotel area to get an introduction to DHAKA!


Day 02: Full day Explore the Dhaka city 


Today we will start at 07:00 am from the hotel to explore the capital of Bangladesh Dhaka. Early in the morning, the wholesales markets are very colorful and activities and it’s a good way to skip the city traffic and enjoy life in Dhaka in the best way! The plan of the day is:-

  • Start with Kawran Bazar's whole sell vegetable and fish market; it is the main market for Dhaka dwellers, sits early the morning and coming here you will be overwhelmed by the crowd, traffic, trading, colors, and many more. It’s one of the best places in Dhaka to understated the city.
  • Followed by Dhaka University Campus, the historical campus with beautiful heritage buildings like Curzon hall a blend of European – mogul architecture, beautiful independence square, language monument, etc helps you to understand the student power in politics. 
  • Heritage Lalbagh Fort, built 16 AD is the most beautiful archeological site in Dhaka, with the rooftop garden, museum, and beautiful gardens attract a lot of Bangladesh and foreign tourists every day. 
  • Dhaka is also called the capital of Rickshaw. So we will offer a Rickshaw ride on the traditional rickshaws to go to Old Dhaka’s tiny lanes to see the oldest part. It will go through zigzag roads, colorful markets.
  • Followed by a walking tour in the old town through the food stall, markets to take the local foods of the old town, Dhakai Biriyani is world-famous. We will try Dhakai biriyani at lunch!
  • The famous pink palace or Ahsanmanjil near the burigonga river is one of Dhaka's most beautiful colonial buildings. Visit the palace and then we will move to the river port.
  • Sadarghat Riverport and a boat ride of burigonga are the best attractions of the day. meeting local people, taking their boat to the busiest port is also one of the best photography adventures 
  • On the way back near to the hotel, if you have sunlight we will take you for a walk to the korail slams, the most hard-working and friendly people living in a tiny house with a big smile!

Evening transfer to hotel and Overnight at Hotel.


  santal painting village   



Day 03: Heritage city Tangail & Santal Tribe Rajshahi


Today early morning after breakfast, check out and start driving to the educational capital Rajshahi famous for mango, silk production, and the Santal painting village (285 km/06 hrs) and our day program includes - 

  • visit one of the unique modern architecture national monuments in Savar 
  • Tangail is very famous for weaving; special clans of Hindu called Basak are doing the weaving works alongside Muslims. We will visit the weaving village and see the traditional weaving technique 
  • We will visit one NGO UBNIG organic farming activities, visit the largest community based see bank, traditional way of making puffed rice, rice husking and enjoy the organic cooked lunch at UBNIG
  • This part of the country has the plainest land with a landscape of green fields. While driving you will get nice scenery of people working, harvesting, fishing, etc. 

Transfer to the hotel; check in to the hotel and have free time to stroll around the hotel complex area.


Day 04: Santal tribe painting village & temple city Putia


Santal is considered the oldest race that arrived in this region and they are the descendants of the Austric-speaking Proto-Australoid race. We will visit their traditional house painting works, locally arranged cultural works, farmlands and the activity includes - 

  • In the morning we will visit the santal tribal village in the nachol area popularly known as painting village, beautifully decorated clay houses, visiting local schools, meeting with the locals and experiencing their daily life activities, and preparing a local lunch with a host family 
  • Followed by a tour of Silk production, we will visit one of the factories and see the entire process of making silk from the worms. 
  • One of the highlights of the town is  Beautiful Temple City Putia representation Bengali finest terracotta art in Govinda Temples, Annika Temple, Shiva Temple, Puta Rajbari, Rang Mahal, etc. we will visit all the interesting sights
  • In the afternoon takes a boat to enjoy a leisure crossing in the holy mighty Ganges. Depending on the time, we can take you to another side of the river to visit some people living on an isolated island or called chars boarded with India with a very interesting lifestyle!

 Overnight in Rajshahi.


Day 05: Trip to Madhupure Forest to visit Garo villages


Today after breakfast, we will be driving towards the Garo tribal. This ethnic group in belonging to the  Bodo sub-sect of the Tibeto-Burman sect of Mongoloid race. the day plans include - 

  • The morning after breakfast, we will have a straight drive to Madhupur national park area, we will stay in a community-based eco-cottage near the Garo village. 
  • We will walk to the forest where the Garo ethnic community living and they are depending on the forest and agricultural areas. 
  • Walk around the village to see the activities of Garo people, meeting locals, small markets, gathering, etc. they are among the fewest matrilineal tribes in Bangladesh

 Overnight in Madhupure forest range 




Day 06: Trip to Tea Capital Sreemangal & Homestay   


Morning After breakfast, start driving to Tea capital Srimangal, (235 km / 5:30 hrs) home of 120 tea gardens with Asami tea workers villages, Manipuri and Khaisa tribes. We will stay at the Monipuri community-based Eco lodge. They plan for the next two days includes- 

  • The landscape and the local market life are interesting on the way. we will stop at the rice processing factories, meet the workers and see the daily life of them.
  • Upon arrival in Sreemangal, transfer to the community-based guest house own by the Manipuri tribes. 
  • Tibeto-Burman family of the Mongolian race this Monipuri person are very famous for their weaving works, we will visit the weaving works, also there is an adjacent village where the converted Manipuri people to Muslims living and also they are keeping the traditions and Islam, it’s interesting to look at 
  • We will organize a small cultural event where some will dress up traditionally and perform their culture to us.

Dinner and overnight in Kamolgong, Srimangal.


Day 07: Hiking in Lawarchara Forest, Tea garden & Tribes


Today early morning we will drive to the town and the full day activities include -  

  • Visit the lawarchara forest and walk deep inside the forest to enjoy nature, experience to walk into the subtropical rain forest, here one of the rarest types of gibbons called hillock gibbons living n the top of the trees. 
  • Visit Khasia tribal village. Mongolite ethnic group is one of the major matriarchal tribes in Bangladesh. They live in groups on top of small hills inside the forest or a little far from mainstream. Battle leaf cultivation is the main work along with agriculture. 
  • We will hike deep inside the tea gardens to explore the greenery and if lucky you may see the workers in the garden tipra tribal community originally migrated from Indian and settled here. Living close to the mainland mostly converted to Christianity, we will visit the village of the tipra tribe.  
  • We will also take you to visit tea workers' villages; we will also take you to our responsible tourism project school.
  • Afternoon we will drive to the bird sanctuary baikka beel / wetlands where thousands of migratory birds flok in the winter for food and shelter. Climb to the watchtower and see birds life
  • The local seven-layer tea is one of the famous tea to taste!

Evening transfer to Hotel and overnight in Sreemangal


Day 08: Local Life & Buddhist Heritage Sites 08th AD 


Today after breakfast we will be heading towards the southeast and staying near the Indian Tripura state Comilla to visit the oldest Buddhist ruins from 8th AD known as Mainamoti - 

  • Today first, we will stop at the brick factories to see the traditional brick making o the firing. There are more than 10 thousand factories in Bangladesh; most of them are brick from riverside clay with traditional manual way. 
  • Visit one of the biggest Shiva temples on the way and a boat trip in the titas river to visit the riverside of brahmanbaria to see the river beauty 
  • Mainamoti kingdom was flourished during the 8th AD and a lot of Buddhist monasteries were built during that period under state supervision. We will visit the salbon vihara, 8AD, museum, and other sites like Itakhola mura, Rupban Mura in Comilla 
  • Visit the impressive museum and rickshaw ride around the city.

Overnight in Comilla 




Day 09: Explore the Business Capital Chittagong 


Business capital Chittagong (150 km/3 hrs) is our destination tonight. The busiest seaport, the huge ship industry, import-export is the backbone of the Bangladeshi Economy. It is also a transit city for Chittagong Hill tracts. Today the day itinerary includes – 

  • Shipbreaking yard is one of the forbidden places to visit in Bangladesh, officials don’t allow visiting and going close to the site but from some of the places, you get a close view of the fourth largest ship breaking yards activates. 
  • The ethnological museum is one of the important sites to visit to know and get an introduction to the tribal culture and heritage. we will visit the ethnological museum in Chittagong 
  • Afternoon visits the second world war cemetery run by the commonwealth war grave commission. Followed by visiting the chandanpur mosque and enjoy the sunset from a local engine boat visiting the fish harbor 

Overnight in Chittagong.


Day 10 – 11: Kaptai Lake & Rangamati Hill Tribes


Lake City Kaptai also known as the capital of Hills situated on the controversial manmade lake Kaptai. One of the most beautiful largest blue water Lake Kaptai is the home of the largest tribal community Chakma. Upon arrival in Rangamait, we will visit -

  • Rangamati tribal museum to get a brief introduction to the tribe's history and culture. 
  • Visit the tribal markets in Rangamati as per market day. It is important to visit on market days because tribal people commonly living far and they come weekly by boat to their trading 
  • Stroll into the village near the hotel in the afternoon to get the flavor of the local life.
  • Next morning, after breakfast we will go for along tour in Kaptai Lake by cruising boat. 
  • The hanging bridge of Rangamti connects the two islands.
  • boat tour in deep inside rangamti to visit Chakma village, Tripura village 
  • Enjoy a local lunch with fish caught from the lake 
  • Visit the shuvulong market on the market day, the last market between Rangamati and Indian Mizoram state. 
  • Sunset in Kaptail lake is one of the must-do things!

Evening back to the hotel and overnight in Rangamati


Day 12 – 13: Meet the Remote tribal groups in Bandarban 


Bandarban town stands on the Sangu River, lying in the heart of the rich tribal landscapes of the hill tracks. One of the last bastions of Buddhism in South Asia, this captivating hill country is home to some 13 different ethnic minorities of which the Morong & the marma are the largest. These indigenous tribes differ in both physical appearance and their religious and cultural beliefs from the countries majority Bengali population 

  • In these two days; you have the opportunity to discover the nature and human diversity of this incredible setting. 
  • We will take four-wheel jeep tours to Bandarbans to explore cultural diversity in the different hilly parts. 
  • Visit the tribal markets, small hiking in the hills, eat tribal food at their home, and 
  • Afternoon one of the highlights of Bangladesh, a boat tour in Sangu River, etc will be offered during your stay in Bandarban.


Day 14: Fly to Dhaka & Trip to Old Capital Sonargaon


After an early breakfast, check out from Hotel and drive to Dhaka (300 km / 08 hrs) 

  • Soanrgaon folklore and the Art Museum has one of the beautifully renovated buildings like Sardarbari, see the wood carving collections, metal, and beautiful surroundings 
  • Goaldi mosque is the oldest single dome mosque built 16 AD with terracotta decorations 
  • A walk to the most impressive abounded city Panam City. Famous for the decorations and Bengal – British design. we will visit some of these palaces from inside and all along the road to explore the city 

Back to Dhaka & free time for shopping, movie watching, etc. Overnight in Dhaka


Day 15: Final Departure to next Destination


After buffet Breakfast, regular check out and transfer to Dhaka International airport. upon arrival, you will be transferred to the international lounge and say goodbye to Bangladesh Eco Adventure Team. End our tour.



  Prices per person 

Group Size Duration Included Meals Price in USD  Special Offer for 2021   
01 Pax  14 Night 15 Days  14 Breakfast, 04 Lunch & Dinner  2835 USD 45 USD Discount for 2021  Book Now
02 Pax  14 Night 15 Days 14 Breakfast, 04 Lunch & Dinner 1875 USD 15 USD Discount for 2021  Book Now
03 Pax  14 Night 15 Days 14 Breakfast, 04 Lunch & Dinner  1725 USD 15 USD Discount for 2021  Book Now
04 Pax  14 Night 15 Days 14 Breakfast, 04 Lunch & Dinner  1575 USD 15 USD Discount for 2021  Book Now


Our price includes:

  • 14 nights - stay on twin sharing basis in hotels,
  • Wifi internet services in the
  • 01 Air conditioning van through the tour
  • Locally arranged cultural /musical/performance
  • Special permit for Rangamati and Bandarban Hill District.
  • Locally Hired 4 wheeler for Bandarban hilly ride
  • All transfers, tours, and sightseeing tours are conducted in trailers with air conditioning Services English speaking guide (accompanying)
  • All road taxes, the cost of parking, petrol, local charges & entry tickets.
  • Motor boat for Barisal back water tour in rajshahi, rangamti & Bandarbans etc  .


The Above prices do not include:

  • Costs of a personal nature - such as gratuities, laundry service, call on the phone/fax, alcoholic drinks, charges for the use of the camera/camcorder to Museum, medical costs, any insurance coverage, etc.
  • Any lunch and dinner are included in the tour plan except the mentioned ones.
  • Any other services not mentioned in the paragraph "enabled"
  • Our offer is valid only for the period specified in the program
  • Any kind of insurance 




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General Information to travel to Chittagong Hill Tract 

Experience hill tribe culture Chittagong Hill district is the most remote part of Bangladesh. In the past, there was some conflict between Rangamati and Bandarban hill district. After the peace accord situation is safe to travel for foreigners. To ensure the safety and comfort of government orders before visit CHT (Chittagong Hill tract district), you have to go to apply for a special permit through a travel agency. 

Experience hill tribe culture For applying to get a pass, they need 7 working days with a valid visa & passport copy with an application attached to the travel itinerary. 

Experience hill tribe culture Tribal groups are friendly. You can go and visit them frequently but they are not used to see a tourist. So when you go, you needed a local guide that we always provide in some places of Rangamati and Bandarban. The tribal people are a little shy comparing to the Bangladeshi locals. For photography, it is wise to ask in advance. 



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