The Chittagong Hill tracts

Rangamati , Bandarbans , Khagrachori 


The Chittagong Hill tract is one of the most beautiful parts of Bangladesh located in the south Easter part. Decidedly untypical both in topography and culture, this largely Buddhist Adivasi (tribal) stronghold is the homeland of the Jumma people. It is a stunning region of hills, ravines and cliffs covered with dense jungles of bamboo, creepers and shrubs, and dotted with tall, slender waterfalls.
The entire region is full of the flavours of neighbouring Myanmar (Burma) and Indian Mizoram state. It’s utterly fascinating and exceedingly beautiful. It also offers an opportunity to stretch the legs with some of the country’s best hiking on offer, though access is usually limited for foreigners.

There are three districts: Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban. Most tourists visit only the latter two, which are the more scenic, and are the 2 we cover here. While it's generally safe to go to, all foreign visitors require a special permit, and therefore tourist needs to apply 10 -12 days ahead to obtain permission.


Rangamati: Rangamati Hill district is one of the main tribal regions of Bangladesh; surrounded by kaptai lake is a home of 11 tribal communities. Dominated the Chakma tribal group, their traditional lifestyle, Buddhist culture, and language make the region one of the most interesting places to visit. The interesting sights areas -

  • The kaptai lake is a manmade lake that is one of the largest in the south of Asia around 724 sq km. around two hundred thousand people are living on scattered islands and depending on the lake. The best way to explore the island is by boat While cruising you will see a lot of activities on the lake including people carrying goods, fruits or seasonal items by traditional boat, meeting with fisherman’s fishing
  • Rangamati tribal museum is the only tribal museum in Bangladesh. Opened during working days, the tourist gets a brief introduction to the history and the geography of the region from this museum.
  • chakma tribe is the dominating tribe of this region. Mostly Buddhist in religion, having their languages, culture and their villages are worth visiting.
  • Weekly markets are very interesting, since the kaptai lake was made a lot of the tribal groups were displaced from their lands and from where the conflict started, now in the weekly market days all the people who grow crops in the hills come down through the lake in the market to do the trade, it’s an interesting place to meet and greets with them.
  • Kayaking in the lake of kaptai is a new adventure sport recently started. we go by kayaks far into nature to enjoy the time


Bandarban town stands on the Sangu River, lying in the heart of the rich tribal landscapes of the hill tracks. One of the last bastions of Buddhism in south Asia, this captivating hill country is home to some 13 different ethnic minorities of which the Morong & the marma are the largest. These indigenous tribes differ in both physical appearance and their religious and cultural beliefs from the country's majority Bengali population –


  • Bandarban hill has some amazing hill hiking tract routes, through the local authorities do not allow a few of them but we have been able to find some interesting once that we are taking tourists to them. it has both nature and hiking experiences with local less known tribal villages
  • Tribes of Bandarbans are one of the most interesting sees. Dominated by Marma tribal groups who are mostly Buddhist followers, the Tripura tribes with beautiful ornaments, the MRU tribes and their animism lifestyle in the remote hills, bawm tribes etc are there living on top or at the bottom of the hills.
  • A boat trip in the Sangu River is one of the highlights of Bangladesh; we will do a boat ride in the afternoon when the villages come to spend the afternoon playing games, bathing, and many other activities.
  • Tribal markets on a market day are the time when all different tribal groups come to do their weekly shopping. It’s also the best chance to meet with different tribes around Bandarban.
  • Local food like snail, lizard, and pork is very popular among the tribes, also Naptheirhere traditional nodules etc are popular among them. tourist also try their local food during our hill tract tours