Explore Barisal, the Land of Rivers

Encompassed by turbid waterways and trimmed by unending tracts of greenery, Barisal is a major harbor city and one of the portals to the water world of Bangladesh. It’s unusually separated from the rest of the nation and is interests much simpler to reach by vessel than the street. Barisal is one of the more wonderful stations within the nation, with a few lakes within the city middle and buildings from the Raj time, disintegrating absent in quiet backstreets. But it’s the busy river harbor, always murmuring with life, that's the genuine center, and to reach here by watercraft within the early-morning fog (as you are doing on the off chance that you capture the Rocket from Dhaka) is an extraordinary experience. Select focuses of intrigued to plot on an outline by sort. The coasting showcase shows up as the middle of Barisal’s (aka The Venice of Bengal) magnificence. No one knows when the thought of this drifting advertises started, but it’s a hundred-year ancient convention.


Main Attractions in Barisal


  • Barisal City & Oxford mission church
  • Gutia Mosque
  • The river gypsies
  • Nordic River gypsies
  • Banoripara Floating markets
  • Monsoon Guava Markets & Orchards
  • Monsoon Satla the water lily village
  • Homestay in a local village -