Dhaka the most vibrant and colourful city of Dhaka is also known as the city of mosques and the Capital of Rickshaws. Conquered by Mogul and expend during the British period, Dhaka is considered the centre of everything.

From colonization to urbanization, destination Dhaka has a lot to offer you. Walking in the old part of the city gives you the vibrant feeling of the local life of old Dhaka, the tiny alleys, rickshaw bells, from chowk Bazar to sadarghat it is so lively that you may never experience in any other parts of the word. You need a day to explore the old part of the city including the oldest Lalbag fort built in 17 Ad, Khan Mohamad Mirdha mosque, start mosque, Armenian church, choto katara, boro katara, Beautiful pink Palace and the most interesting boat trip in Burigonga River. The old part and the main Dhaka were established on the Burigonga River and the only active river port sadarghat is here. On the other side of the river, the dockyard is also one of the most interesting destinations for photo lovers.

The food of Dhaka city is one of the highlights of Bangladesh. Many international food bloggers travel to Bangladesh only to taste the local Bangla food and here the Dhakai biriyani is one of the highlights. The local snacks, street side food and other interesting local foods attract a lot of local tourists as well.

Besides the old part of the city, the morning wholesale vegetable and fish market kawran Bazar is one of the main attractions for tourists who come to see the local Dhaka. Also, the local flower market, the national Hindu temple dhakeswari and the new market are interesting to visit.

For the people who love architecture, the baitur Rauf Jame mosque is one of the most interesting visits. Made by a female architect its simple morning brick-made design also attract foreign and local tourist to explore. Our National parliament building is our pride, it is considered among the 30 best modern architecture in the world, and you need a special permit to go and visit. We organize the permit to go and visit the parliament building from inside.

 Shopping is fun here in Dhaka, it has big shopping centres, and local shops and it's very cheap to get specially garments items as Bangladesh is the second biggest exporter of garments after china. we receive several tourists who only come to visit the textile companies for ordering clothing or buy in bulks. We have good contacts t arrange the direct meeting with local sellers. Besides the gardens a lot of eco-friend products you can buy from Dhaka. A few must things to do in Dhaka

  • Boat tour in Buriganga river
  • Rickshaw ride in Dhaka especially the old part
  • Walking in the tiny alleys of old Dhaka
  • Taste the Dhakai Biriyani

Please check out our Dhaka city tour plans and let us know how you want to spend your day in Dhaka.